Yachting on the Swan

I spent yesterday afternoon wandering around the Mayland’s Yacht Club. Watching a race and getting sunburnt.

Naturally I had my trusty Pentax with me and I was able to take a few shots of, not only the boats, but also a number of other sights which caught my eye.

So this week I will be posting images from two sources. Sculpture by the Sea you have already been introduced to and now the first from my Maylands visit.

I found a “Mirror” class yacht just going with the breeze. The crew just lazing, playing with the water.


After an hour of preparation on shore, the rest of the fleet was ready to hit the water for the start of the race.

About half a dozen “Mirrors” and a whole lot more single-manned “Laser” yachts were entering the river. Just as a light sea breeze was beginning to blow.


Watching a yacht race can be like watching grass grow for the spectators so not all of the images in this series will be of people mucking around in boats.

Tomorrow I will be showing off an unexpected friend.

3 responses to “Yachting on the Swan

  1. (siiiiigh) Lovely thought … an afternoon of messing about in boats. Although I thought you didn’t like boats? Last time I took you on a boat you got scared … kept insisting that was Madagascar looming on the horizon! We weren’t that far off-shore!

    It was that strong land breeze and I was fine until the whole continent disappeared below the horizon! We didn’t even have a compass!


  2. I always worry about mutiny whenever I’m in a boat, that’s why I like single kayaks… 🙂

    Watched “Hook” on free to air last night 🙂 While the parrot may enjoy your shoulder, me hearty, it is a bit hard to set up a plank on a canoe – – –

    I must make a note of the “Talk Like Pirate Day” date for this year. I just missed the “Inappropriate Card” day (Feb 26th)


  3. The Mirror Dinghy was indeed a fine invention, such fun. I used to crew a 505 and liked to go out in the strong spring winds and hang out on the wire, hand behind head, making it fly. Trouble is the squally winds that break kit and are the most exciting also change direction in an instant and I’ve smacked my head on the boom coming about before now. But the worst is when the wind is faster than man and you smack the water from a great height, face on, now that does take your breath away. Gosh it was cold. Always cold even in a steamer, wellies and rubber gloves.

    My face is quite overheated at the moment! I MUST MUST MUST get back into the habit of wearing sunblock!


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