101 Uses For a John Howard # The You Tube Experience

While the loss of John Howard as Prime Dictator has been of instant benefit to Australia (if you don’t count the truth about the economy coming out) this blogger has been feeling a little lost.

No new Kudelka cartoons to pinch. Although there are a few new ones on his eponymous blog. (I have been wanting to use that word for some time!)

But there was one I missed.

And with our inglorious ex-leader spouting a whole lot of pandering rubbish to America’s extreme Right, a reminder  of times past is in order.

A compendium of all the 101 Uses, in just 33 seconds!

I don’t know if there are any copies left, but the book of the same name was one of my best buys for 2007!

2 responses to “101 Uses For a John Howard # The You Tube Experience

  1. here’s to the sequel: 101 Uses for a Worthless Bush!

    hehehe – I think anyone trying to do that would end up in Gauntanamo – – –


  2. No Bush is worthless, daisyfae … all you have to do is introduce a multitude of puppy dogs who will conveniently lift their hind leg!!! Why, that is a vital function that an otherwise worthless Bush could cope with 😉

    Oh, the glorious visuals – – – The thoughts keep showering down – golden showering – – –


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