Luncheon Order


6 responses to “Luncheon Order

  1. For the young amongst you I would suggest Ratatouille, my children liked that film and have been trying to convince me ever since that rats are clean and friendly creatures who simply like food. For adults there’s always ‘Woman On Top’ starring Penelope Cruz – if she doesn’t get your juices flowing Archie, you really are dead. Or of course there’s always Chocolat, for the ladies maybe.

    OK, your recommendations are interesting, Smartiepants 🙂


  2. Re: rats being clean and friendly creatures, etc, you should read Terry Pratchett’s wonderful The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, Philipa. Part of his Discworld series for young readers. A gem from start to finish.

    Not sure what this really has to do with the cartoon, unless you are trying not to encourage Archie’s often excrutiating ‘sense of humour’. So I won’t admit that it actually made me laugh. 🙂


    Terry Pratchett has been read and re-read (and mourning is beginning for the books which will now not be written)

    Excrutiating? You should try living it! Pure Hell!


  3. archie — totally made me laugh. I love that. Thank you.

    My day is made whole with your laughter 🙂


  4. They do say that one should never trust a skinny chef … I wonder if the same applies to fat but clothing tasteless waiters??? One could perhaps trust this one with life?

    But not with chocolate!


  5. azahar – many thanks, I’ll get that book for my son 🙂

    don’t just get Pratchett for kids – he is a wonderful writer for all ages.


  6. And then read it yourself, Philipa. It really is wonderful and *not just for kids*.

    As is all of Pratchett – and sometimes he accidentally strays into themes of politics and religion and human (and zombie) interaction.


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