For Those “Awkward” Odour Moments

It always seems to happen in situations where any attempt to spread the blame merely incriminates.

It happens to all of us yet none of us is willing to admit it. Unless we have learned to do a rendition of “The Hall of the Mountain King”.

Somehow the odour always gives us away.

At last, a cure!

Which is quite explicit in farts parts so those with delicate sensibilities may choose not to view today’s offering.

I found this over on Rose’s site.

4 responses to “For Those “Awkward” Odour Moments

  1. Thanks for the linky love. Don’t forget they have fart chair pads too.

    Oh dear – that would take all the fun out of life!


  2. This is another of those “toilet humour” ones, isn’t it? The little boy humour ones?

    Ummm – when did any male ever grow out of “Little boy humour”?


  3. send a gross to the gimcrack immediately

    I was thinking of the Gimcrack when I posted it 🙂


  4. Quite funny, but you can’t see it without saying “ecs” (while making a face/grimace)


    I know – I probably shouldn’t have posted it 🙂


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