Greek Philosphy #3

 This seems to be the last of the Lesser Known Greek Philosophizing.

Wherein a certain amount of jealousy and envy may be found!

In fact, the language raises this lecture to an MA, or at the very least, a PG rating.

I may just be on the trail of some more philosophy – providing I can learn the difference between a European and and African Swallow!

2 responses to “Greek Philosphy #3

  1. oh, now I’ll have to go back and see the first three. I hadn’t watched them before. I was afraid they were serious.

    But Greek Philosophy is always serious 🙂


  2. Well done, A – another triomphe pour l’humeur

    African & European Swallows …

    The difference must be a matter of GEOGRAPHY – videlicet an African Swallow in Africa being an African Swallow, but when re-locating to Derbyshire (per Jane Austen “the Best of Counties”) becoming upon arrival a European Swallow and reverting to an African Swallow upon abandoning its Children to return to the Dark Continent

    OR is it a matter of essence being prior to appearance (and vice versa)

    OR as Buddha probably did not opine – the World of Species is an illusion

    AND what would Marx and was Camus right to say, before his Car Crash :

    Better to die on one’s feet that to live on one’s knees

    It makes yer fink, dunnit
    Urr, this is it, in’it
    [Es macht man denken, nee
    Das ist es, doch]

    Yr obedt servant etc


    Nonono – African swallows can carry coconuts!


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