Just For the Cricket Fans Amongst My Readers

I went back to my old Cricket Club the other night.

It was a twentieth anniversary and it was good to meet up with the guys I had played with over the last 15 years of my career.

Up on the wall was one of my early photos. From 1995.

When we had a visit from some of the West Australian State Cricket Squad. They came out to help our juniors for a day. I snapped a photo just for the fun of it. We put it up on the wall as a little bit of showing off.

A small amateur club which had ambitions above our station, we were proud that a Test Player had come out to visit us. Bruce Reid had played for Australia but his test career had ended three years earlier although he continued with the State Squad.

My memory had forgotten just who the other players were. It was a revelation to be reminded of their names.

Two of the others played for Western Australia. Sean Carey played for several seasons but the other one! Oh Boy, they don’t come any better than this guy. He is now a household name in cricketing countries around the world.


The Honour Board is still there. It already had Buff’s name on it as Club Secretary. Five years after this photo was taken, my name appeared in the President’s list.

And Adam Gilchrist has probably forgotten all about that day nearly thirteen years ago!

But the image is one which is still valued by the Club and its members.

4 responses to “Just For the Cricket Fans Amongst My Readers

  1. Ahhh … the memories! Yes, it was a good photo, and yes, it was way out of our league, but I wonder if Adam Gilchrist would remember? What really peeves me is how young he looks!!!

    STILL looks! He is another of those Peter Pan people who never age.


  2. what is this thing you call “cricket”?


  3. Archie knew “Gilly” before “Gilly” was famous! Phwoar!

    And I never realised it!


  4. I made the ham and salad rolls for lunch! Well, with Archie’s help I did … and Gilly appreciated it. Remember it was Bruce Reid who was famous then … Gilly was just a blow-in from NSW!

    And he was booed when he first walked onto the WACA – he had taken Tim Zoehrer’s place in the team! Bruce was one of those gentle giants (about 6’8″) until you put a red ball in his hand 🙂


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