Took a train ride from Perth to Mandurah the other day.

This is a new line, opened just before Christmas. From the Perth CBD, 75 Km south to what was a major beachside holiday resort but is now an outpost of the Greater Perth Metropolitan area. Passing through new suburbs and old farmlands, the rails end several kilometres inland of the beach. There are bus links to all the surrounding areas.

Just beyond the end of the tracks is a strange, already rusted, construction which is probably intended as art.


6 responses to “Mandurah

  1. Ha’e you taken leave of your senses? It’s obviously a kangaroo.

    I have a feeling it is a tree growing out of a sea shell – which is almost as strange as marsupial reproduction. Perhaps it will begin leaping around when it matures


  2. I actually like that… kinda like a plant growing out of a nautilus…

    yup – I agree. My question is, “Why?”


  3. Mandurah? By the sea? Very sandy soil? Easy for tentacles to slip through?

    Save yourself, Archie! Read your previous post and get the hell out of there.

    YIKES!!!!!! Thanks for the warni


  4. Sounds a nice place and interesting trip – hope you had a great time and I like the artwork. I’ve a pic of some in Vienna which looked like a couple of bent girders on the ground. I blame the fairies.

    the fairies have a lot to answer for in both ballet and bent girders!


  5. Unless this ‘sculpture’ was installed in about 1985 there is no excuse for it. None whatever. Boring commercial abstract. Yuk.

    Still, the trip sounds nice 🙂

    The trip was nice and will be taken again. The “sculpture” is just one of a whole series of Municipal Art Works. Created by the overpaid untalented and chosen by the pretentious uneducated! I would do a series of them but it would be too depressing!


  6. Next time you’re down this way, go to Rockingham.
    The unconscious drunks and never ending graffiti really is a beautiful sight.


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