Romancing the Cheese

I have been a fan of Tom and Jerry since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Here is one inventive mouse with a sense of rhythm and even then the fates find a way to get to him!

6 responses to “Romancing the Cheese

  1. LOL that’s cute. And a little disturbing, but that just makes it better. A fatal attraction? hehe

    Cute and sad, artistic and tragic. This contains the whole of the human experience – well, anyway, it is a bit of good fun with a shock at the end. Yes, it is like life – or maybe like an episode of Nightmouse on Elm Street 🙂


  2. Fun 🙂 but a cat is more effective!

    But a cat is boringly cliched. Even Tom was never able to get his mouse, and as for Sylvester – – –


  3. Oh I loved Sylvester and am a huge fan of Tom and Jerry but we are talking of romance here.. remember Pepe la pue? I love Pepe la pue, darlink.

    Why oh Why did I always think of Maurice Chevalier when I here Pepe’s voice. Ahhhh Gigi – – –


  4. oops, typo that should have read Pepe la Pew.

    and believe me, my cat is not a boring cliche – especially when I’ve seen the cost of traps (and won’t poison) – everything can be solved with ‘c’mere puss – kill!’. It’s the sound of her crunching the heads that I find a bit revolting. But she deserves a treat.

    Poor pussy. Fancy having to kill your own dinner. That is why cats deign to live with humans – because they have not yet evolved an opposable thumb for opening dinner tins.


  5. She doesn’t kill to eat, she kills for fun 🙂

    YIKES! Actually, that explains why women and cats live together so well – similar attitude towards other sentient creatures – – –


  6. Ouch!

    Ouch indeed – being a male, I do not like cats!


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