I’m So Old, I Only Have a Single Vice – – –


3 responses to “I’m So Old, I Only Have a Single Vice – – –

  1. Mrs Fitz had a patient complain of dizzyness. Older chap, a German, nothing too serious, his heart just wasn’t up to pumping blood as far as his brain. She referred him to a Cardiologist, who determined that there was no need for surgery. A daily glass of red wine was recommended.

    At the next GP visit, the patient complained that the red wine made him “even more dizzy”. The patient’s daughter later pointed out that the “daily glass of red wine” was being taken from a 600ml beer stein, filled to the brim with Germanic thoroughness.

    I like that man’s thinking 🙂


  2. Ha ha, love the story Mike Fitz 😀


  3. gosh archie, I could almost mistake you for daddypapersurfer in that photo 🙂

    Oh No! I have been transmogrified!


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