Photo Hunt #97, Free

tnChick has set us a very hard task this week.

We have to find images of “Free”.

Free is a state of mind and that can be hard to photograph without an MRI machine.

I decided to begin with this little guy who is a total freeloader.

The Pallid Cuckoo has a catchy little song which runs up the scale but she is not at all popular with other birds.

She steals their nest for her own egg, then leaves the unsuspecting nest builders and owners to raise a cuckoo nestling.

Then I thought about the free things which BIG Business has yet to find a way to place a price upon.

Like nice fresh breezes for kite flying. You don’t have to buy an expensive kite. You can make it from sticks and old paper. And the wind-power and enjoyment is free. As is the delight of a young child seeing his first kite fly.


Of course the sheer beauty of a Dawn or a Sunset is also free. This is a sunset I took about three years ago across a salt lake in the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia. We may have been remote from most of the “Mod Cons” but we had a surfeit of free beauty.


Then there is something we often feel costs a fortune but in reality is absolutely free.




This week, I truly thank you, tnChick, for letting me reassess my values in life. We are rich in what we have which is free.

If only we recognise it.


31 responses to “Photo Hunt #97, Free

  1. Lovely photos! 🙂

    Thank you


  2. Amazing photos! I love the one with the sunset and the colorful kite! Check out mine too:) Happy Weekend!

    Thank you. I like the kite one


  3. Beautiful shots and great entries!


  4. Mine is somewhat similar to yours. My favorite is the last one…

    Thank you, gracie. We need to remember that one


  5. Beautiful photos – I love the colourful kite!
    Happy Weekend!

    Thanks, Randi


  6. Friendship is free 🙂 We only need lots of caring, trust and faith in friendship 🙂

    Wisely said.


  7. These are all such great photos!!

    Thank you, Jen


  8. this is a good post

    Thanks, Sarge


  9. Excellent post! Beautiful pictures and words to make us all think. Thank you.

    Thank you, fellow dragon lover


  10. cute photos i love the colorful kite! anyway link exchange? you have a good and informative blog

    Thank you, Rai


  11. i like your what you showcased about the theme this week. 😉 hope you can check out my entry too. 🙂

    Thank you, chikai


  12. what an awsome take on ‘free’ n lovely collection of photos too. 🙂 thanks for sharing n opening my eyes as well.

    Thank you Misty


  13. I really, REALLY like your thinking on friendship….Outstanding.

    My ‘free’ photo is shared…come by and visit —it’s there for your viewing, for ‘free’. Oops, no I guess not –it’s costing money to use the computer of yours and being online. Oh well, if you’ve not stopped by my photo hunt this week, please come on by for a visit, if you can!!!

    Thanks, Hootin Anni. I enjoyed having to work hard at finding visual representations for the theme this week 🙂


  14. wonderful photos excellent thoughts on free

    Thank you, Marcia


  15. Nice, nice entries. You’re right. The best things in life are free or should be free.

    Thank you, Tiohem


  16. I love your sequence of photographs for the free theme. Great choices.

    Thanks, Carver. It was fun doing it.


  17. What a great post!
    I would add to that the kindness of (some) strangers.

    Thanks, Philipa. Perhaps you should look at joining in the photo hunt 🙂


  18. Great idea and beautiful pictures on the theme, free.

    Thank you, Dawn


  19. Oh, bad bird. No wonder this bird’s unpopular. I love the kite shot and you entire take on the theme. I have to agree with friendship.

    Thanks, Lynn. Cuckoos are interesting birds – somehow they always pick a bird smaller than themselves.


  20. Perfect!

    Thanks, Heather. It was hard to feel the theme but worth it when I did.


  21. You are very introspective this week… and make some wonderful points.

    Hoping all is well with you and yours…

    Thank you, Dorid, my friend. Yes, I ended up having toi think about meanings, not just appearances.


  22. great photos with very apt write-up.

    thanks for the visit.

    I thank you, ipanema


  23. those pictures are really beautiful, especially the bird one.

    Thanks Ivy


  24. oppps I forgot to my link, mine is up here My So Calle Life
    La Vida es Hermosa


  25. Great shots! You made the right choice for this week’s theme. Happy weekend!

    Thank you, Utah Mommy


  26. I agree,the FREE theme was hard .Abstract things usually are.It forces us to think more about the meaning of the word.
    Your FREE pics are great. I like rhe FREE friendship 🙂

    Thanks, Mickey. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had to think hard.


  27. Terrific post! Some of the best things in life are free…

    Thanks, JC


  28. Beautiful take on the theme. Enjoy your weekend.

    Thanks, incog. I shall. 🙂


  29. These are wonderful, great photos for the theme, and just great photos.

    Thank you, Nicole.


  30. Great pics, all of them …. i love the last one especially.

    Thank you, Neil


  31. Oh! Even though we don’t have to spent so much on kite, but I like the one in the picture Big and colorful. I never had such a beautiful one before. I miss flying kites! 😛

    Also, I like the shot of the feet and you have describe it so well. That’s friendship!

    Great entries! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Welcome to the archive. Thank you for the kind words.


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