Good Girls

We all read about it.

We all spared a few seconds or minutes to think about how lucky we are not to be Iraq. Some of us may even have thought about the nameless victims and the women who appeared to be the cause of the horror.

You remember. It was only eleven days ago.

“Explosives strapped to two mentally impaired women were triggered by remote control in coordinated blasts that ripped through two Baghdad pet markets killing at least 64 people, an official said.

“Both women were mentally impaired. They were wearing belts containing 15 kilograms of explosives,” said Major General Qasim Ata, spokesman for the Baghdad security plan.

“The explosives were detonated by remote control,” he said.

How many of us have thought through the actual mechanics of this terrible event? The finding of these two women, showing them what to do, all unknowing, actually pressing the button to set off the explosions knowing the first to die will be the two completely innocent women you have spent time training, getting to know.

David from “Very Short Novels” has thought about this and his words are compelling and horrifying in their simplicity.

Go and have a look at what he has written – if you dare.

The more I think about this the more incomprehensible it becomes!

2 responses to “Good Girls

  1. No comment … uh … yes, there is! Fanaticism in any way shape or form is the most disgraceful of all human behaviours and when it involves those who know no better, it is worse. Animals don’t do this to each other so never, ever class these creatures who do such crimes as animals! 😥

    I quite agree!


  2. I believe the Irish did this perhaps twenty years ago.

    Now that you mention it – I seem to remember that as well – – –


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