Champion Blogazine Editors

Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive an award for my blog. It was for my writing and my poetry. I chose six of my fellow bloggers to be fellow recipients using those criteria.

I felt really bad because I had to leave out a number of very good bloggers. Friends who are excellent at what they do.

So I have created an award just for this group of bloggers. Those who create an online magazine full of interesting and differing articles. Some original work and some work found elsewhere and given a personal spin. Bloggers who give us, not just the minutia of their day but add other content to amuse and educate us. Who trawl the world of cyberspace to bring us the best available news and information.

Those bloggers who give us an online magazine – blogazine editors! Modern day Dewitt and Lila Wallaces. In claiming your award, please pass it on to your four favourite blogazine editors.


So it is appropriate that the first of these awards goes to Raincoaster, queen of the Blogazines who, like Lila Wallace, is Canadian.

Secondly, the rather doddery and ancient Daddy Papersurfer who has his own editor.

Thirdly, nursemyra from the Gimcrack Hospital who is amusing, varied and has an adult slant.

Fourthly, azahar from the Casa Az who gives us a blogazine with tapas.


9 responses to “Champion Blogazine Editors

  1. Archie you are very kind – thank you.
    I have a little private shelf in my laptop where I keep such treasures and I get them out every now and again and give them a polish.
    You are one of the most consistent and entertaining bloggers around – so you go and preen in the knowledge I’m doing the same on the other side of the world.
    Now where’s that zimmer frame………..?


  2. thank you archie! you are such a sweetheart xx

    daddyp: you left your zimmer frame at the gimcrack after I gave you that last enema


  3. Thank you! I knew buttering you up with some linkage couldn’t hurt!


  4. OMG!

    Seriously, I am speechless.

    Thanks honey. 🙂


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  7. Ooooooh, there’s a catch. I’ve got to pass it on to four others. It’s not an award, it’s a MEME IN AWARD’S CLOTHING!

    But it ALMOST fooled you 🙂


  8. Yeah, I noticed that too … but everyone I awarded today was quite chuffed! So it’s a nice kind of “me-me”.

    Yep – I noticed that about the people I sent it to


  9. I’m going to make a rule that you have to pass it on with the links to those who won it before you…so my trail will be increasingly cluttered with an MLM-like structure designed to bring Technorati to its knees!

    Don’t tell Mark in the forums! Shhhhhhh…

    I’m already involved in summat like that – don’t check my rating – it is embarrassing!


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