Survival Mode


Actually, this isn’t that funny out here in the desert.
Every year we lose some inexperienced people because they do not have the survival skills.

This place is so unforgiving that even experienced bushmen can die if their luck runs out.

Next week I am taking a trip East from here. Further into the desert. Actually, I go so far that I change deserts; from the Great Sandy Desert to the Gibson Desert. To a settlement named Kiwirrkura. Out past Jupiter Wells. Around 500Km there and another 500Km back. I have to pick up some goods for the store. It is one of those “Halfway trips”. Kiwirrkura is getting a truckload of supplies in from Alice Springs and I have organised a couple of pallets of needed goods so I will meet the truck there.

I should be OK. A good vehicle, a satellite phone and lots of water. Around half a dozen vehicles travel this unmade road each day. Oh, OK! Most days. And I will be letting people know my departure and estimated arrival times as I begin each stage of the trip. I’m allowing a little time for photography although I will be unable to take the 50Km side trip to visit the meteorite crater just to the East of the Canning Stock Route.

This 16 hour trip should be yet another great desert adventure for me.

7 responses to “Survival Mode

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  2. Pingback: Survival Mode

  3. Oh. I think I should not comment about this … I think I should not comment about this … I think …

    You’d better be careful!

    Hmmm – OK – maybe


  4. … to which the correct response is “Yes, Maam! No, Maam! Three bags full!”

    Oh yes! Well said Sir.


  5. happy travelling archie x

    I’ll be back before you know it 🙂


  6. Enjoy the adventure!

    I did – even if it was rather long 🙂


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