Photo Hunt #95; Narrow

The North-West of Western Australia is full of mines for all sorts of minerals. This means some big equipment has to travel on the roads. For safety, there is a pilot car about three Kilometres in front and another just behind the monster.

This was 7.2 metres (about 24 ft) wide. The road is about 8 metres wide.

At first glance, this has nothing to do with “Narrow”.

But spare a thought for the other motorists on this road and the narrow section left for them to use.

If he is coming at you, get off the road like I did! He won’t leave much of it for you.


29 responses to “Photo Hunt #95; Narrow

  1. No kidding! A narrow path for us drivers! Wow. This is huge!. A ‘creature’ I’d not like to meet on the road.

    Drop by and view my photo hunt if you can find time! Love to have you leave me a comment. Happy weekend to you.

    When travelling on those roads they are all too common.


  2. Ha, now I wouldn’t like to see two of those trying to pass on that road. Great take on this week’s theme. Happy weekend

    Northbound and southbound overwidth vehicles are coordinated so that one can pull off the road at a suitable spot. This sort of transport is an industry in itself.


  3. Interesting shot! Happy Weekend:)

    Thank you


  4. I drive a big Lincoln… this is not a good sight to see for me! Happy Photo Hunting.

    It is quite OK providing you keep your eyes open and there is a soft shoulder available 🙂


  5. wooh! that looks monstrous! and yeah it ain’t safe for the other motorists. tfs!

    mine’s up too. pls check it out at ~ BLOGSILOG

    The pilot cars make it safe – providing you drive sensibly


  6. yeah i have been in that situation before and i just wanted to pull over and close my eyes

    Its fun, isn’t it 🙂


  7. Gosh.. they really allow things like this to move along the road? It looks dangerous.

    If you have the time, do check out my another interpretation

    Everything is done to make it as safe as possible


  8. Reminds me of Transformer the Movie. 🙂

    I worry about what it would transform into – – –


  9. How fast is that over-sized vehicle going? That must be pretty intimidating; I hope the shoulders are wide enough so you don’t fall off the road!

    They travel at pretty normal country speeds – between 90 and 100 Kmh – and often there is no shoulder – just a ditch to accommodate the heavy rains they have out there.


  10. Clever use of the theme… well done!

    Thanks, JC


  11. We have that problem often with people moving sectional housing. That thing is huge!

    The sectional housing in this state is 4.2 metres wide – wide enough, but passable 🙂


  12. hope I cant meet like that on road lol!

    great photo for the theme!

    Thanks, mousey. Life in the Australian Outback is exciting 🙂


  13. Oh no, I wouldn´t like to meet that one!
    Good use of the theme!

    Thanks, Randi.


  14. Oh thats interesting and looks heavy. Happy hunting.

    Heavy is next week’s theme – but it certainly carries a heavy load –


  15. Never seen such huge thing like that before! Great shot! Happy weekend! mine is up too please take a look whenever you get the chance, thank you! NARROW FEED THE ROAD

    Thanks for visiting


  16. I would not want to meet that truck on that road……

    It is always exciting on our roads, Sarge 🙂


  17. This reminds me of the time I was ticked-off by the boss for stopping before a narrow bridge and giving way to an oncoming vehicle. Of course, I was driving one of these and I saw no sense in playing “chicken” with the other guy.

    Oh wow – I would get out of your way – – –

    And there are some cowboy road train drivers I would love to use that “stopper” on 🙂


  18. What a wonderful use of the theme. I am sure I wouldn’t want a confrontation with this guy and his equipment on the other side of the highway. Have a nice weekend. Happy Photo Hunting~


  19. MUCH too narrow a space for comfort! Glad I’m not going to meet one of those!

    After a while you get used to seeing these monsters 🙂


  20. Nice take on the theme, it could also pass for the theme ‘Heavy’ next week. Happy hunting.

    Indeed it could be used for next week – Thanks for visiting


  21. I love the way you presented narrow. Have a blessed weekend.

    Thank you 🙂


  22. beautiful shot….thanks for sharing….
    Mine is up too:
    Every Beat Of My Heart
    My Newphew’s Scrap Place

    Thank you, Anna


  23. I used to drive flat-deck back when stone axes were the latest in superweaponry. I had a share of the oversized loads, and have sworn that if I ever return to the road I will do nothing but “high, wide, and weird.”

    It’s nerve-wracking getting used to a truck whose overall dimensions fluctuate by several feet per week, and the permit system may drive you nuts, but it pays better than any other sort of trucking, and it may be the only sector where you are stuck following the legal hours of service.

    Lovely pic, thanks.

    These large trucks are not allowed to travel after sunset or before dawn – so part of the day is spent looking for a large parking spot 🙂


  24. When hauling a load that size, any road would seem narrow by contrast. I think this is a very creative use of the theme. Of course, my husband drove truck for 30 years, so anything having to do with trucking makes me feel at home. =)

    Here’s my narrow.

    Thanks for visiting 🙂


  25. Wow…I wouldn’t want to meet that on a narrow road, for sure!! Great shot! Mine is up at
    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks for visiting, Linda


  26. Eek! I’d probably have hysterics if I saw that coming towards me. In the UK, a wide load like that would require a police escort. Have a lovely weekend!

    Hysterics is ok – not getting off the road is not! 🙂


  27. wow…that does look quite scary…but i’m sure they know what they’re doing. 😉 i wouldn’t want to be on the road when these trucks on travelling on it!

    It can be very annoying if you get caught behind it!


  28. that’s a big load (and a nice shot, too)…on roadtrips in America, I’ve seen tractors hauling houses that pretty much slow the highway down to a crawl.

    There are a lot of them around here – Big mines, big equipment.


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