A New Page on My Blog

A little over a year ago I posted a limerick novel in four parts.

The Ballad of Daffyd and Sir Ffrank.

I have been looking at putting all the “Perth’s Past” postings onto a page in this blog and I suddenly realised I had neglected to do this with the Tale of Daffyd.

So now I have. At the top of the archive there is now a tab bearing the inscription “Daffyd and Sir Ffrank”

There may be one or two new readers who will find some enjoyment in reading a fairy dragon tale.

3 responses to “A New Page on My Blog

  1. Ooh yes please I’ll pop back later (I was worried that my enjoyment of the newly discovered delights here would hasten one of those under the eyebrows look – you know, Philipa again!) it’s like discovering a jar of sherbet spaceships, you want to devour the lot!

    Awww – I bet you say that to all the boys – – –


  2. Oh …. hell!

    I know, I know –

    “Most women loathe limericks,
    For the same reason that calves hate cookbooks!”


  3. Well, it’s not my fault! I love the story of Daffyd, but the format is atrocious! How you could sink so low as to put a delightful fairy story into (hack … spit!) LIMERICK form is … is … is … degenerate!!!!

    But but but – Limericks are FUN!


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