A New Page on My Blog

A little over a year ago I posted a limerick novel in four parts.

The Ballad of Daffyd and Sir Ffrank.

I have been looking at putting all the “Perth’s Past” postings onto a page in this blog and I suddenly realised I had neglected to do this with the Tale of Daffyd.

So now I have. At the top of the archive there is now a tab bearing the inscription “Daffyd and Sir Ffrank”

There may be one or two new readers who will find some enjoyment in reading a fairy dragon tale.

3 Responses

  1. Ooh yes please I’ll pop back later (I was worried that my enjoyment of the newly discovered delights here would hasten one of those under the eyebrows look – you know, Philipa again!) it’s like discovering a jar of sherbet spaceships, you want to devour the lot!

    Awww – I bet you say that to all the boys – – –


  2. Oh …. hell!

    I know, I know –

    “Most women loathe limericks,
    For the same reason that calves hate cookbooks!”


  3. Well, it’s not my fault! I love the story of Daffyd, but the format is atrocious! How you could sink so low as to put a delightful fairy story into (hack … spit!) LIMERICK form is … is … is … degenerate!!!!

    But but but – Limericks are FUN!


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