A Day in Punmu

Another normal day in a nearly deserted Punmu. Almost everyone is away just at the moment. There is a nurse, one man, five women and three sub-school-aged kids. And me.

Lots of heat under skies which last night threatened but failed to deliver rain and today are a clear and burningly bright blue.

The air decided it had had enough of the desert and tried to leave in a hurry. Flinging up a lot of dust in the process and bringing down quite a few tree branches.

The minuscule zebra finches flew through the winds with no problems but flocks of the larger budgerigars seemed to stall in mid air as they flew against the wind. The hunting falcon tacked across the winds and seemed to feed well in its sudden dashes at the swarms of finches which it kept startling into the air..

All quite normal until I suddenly spotted a pelican!

No, I wasn’t hallucinating! As always happens in such circumstances, I did not have my camera in hand at that moment. Not that sighting a pelican makes the day unusual. An unusual day would be one in which nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Now my pack of three dogs, which I feed in return for snake alerts, are sleeping in front of my window and a Full Moon is playing peekaboo amongst the evening clouds which may or may not produce some moisture tonight.



3 responses to “A Day in Punmu

  1. Archie, what are you actually doing in Punmu???

    I am running the Community Store. A sort of over-heated Arkwright who, despite my best efforts, remains open all hours. Even after the store is locked!


  2. that is one of the most beautiful photos of the moon I’ve seen for a long time *sigh*

    Thank you 🙂


  3. Do you get a lot of snakes there? Those dogs look plum worn out.

    Yes, gorgeous moon.

    There are around a dozen nasty snakes in and around the community, under various houses and in some overgrown areas. There is a much larger number of pythons which are much nicer. You learn to check for tracks in the sand before going into any area. There is also a newer, small hunting snake in the area – one the kids call a “Three Stepper” – if you are bitten you walk three steps and fall down dead! Actually it isn’t that nasty but it does give a potentially fatal bite. It (the Gwarda) has a different track from the bigger King Browns.


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