Working through the thousands of images I have taken since my hands first wrapped around a digital camera, I have found a few forgotten gems.

Here is a rockface from Coral Bay, one of my favourite places on the coast.

While I am in awe at what textural marvels nature can create, I accept that there may be a few of my readers who are more inclined to gaze upon the wonders of a God.

Whatever, this strikes me as an image of interest and fascination.

Then again, I may just have a strange sense of beauty.


8 responses to “Rockface

  1. No you have not. God creates things us poor humans can not even dream of.
    And talking about it, let’s just hope hes kind and make the cyclone go mild on us, we got about 3 hours until it hit us….

    I hope the cyclone wasn’t too bad, John. I’ve been through a few and they can be terrible things!


  2. I like rock faces too. There is a trout stream I sometimes fly fish, that cuts deep into a canyon with near vertical walls rising about 100 feet from the edges of the stream. Not only is the face fascinating in itself, out of it grows stunted age-old cedars and rare ferns. Spectacular place.

    Sounds wonderful – And I will return to your blog when I get a chance – maybe around the end of January


  3. no it’s buff who has a strange sense of beauty 🙂

    buff has always gazed upon the inner me and found me, if not acceptable, at least not downright repulsive. Externally, of course, I am incredibly handsome and beguiling.


  4. Hehehe! Actually, it’s not so much the beauty that attracts … it’s more the cuddly side of himself! There is such comfort in having a mate who is cuddly.

    Just carry on talking about me – I’m not really here – – –


  5. Archie, you and I might be candidates for The Church Of LOTU.

    This looks fascinating – I’ll look into it a bit more when I return to civilisation – and I’ll let Dorid know about it as well.


  6. You know I am now an Australiaphile, so about your photos? I say bring ’em on.

    I’ll do my best, Linda 🙂


  7. the mixture of rock and the erosive forces of water and wind create some real marvels. This is lovely 🙂

    Whew, I was a bit worried it was just my perverted eye 🙂


  8. Where is this in CB??
    Bring on Easter….cause just after that, I will once again be sunning myself in this little patch of paradise
    You better book if you want some of the same ??!!!

    When you back???
    UPeter will just have to take your ticket…looks like 38’C kind of day aswell…lucky we are in the stands!!

    It is part of the rocks on the south side of the launching area.


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