Father Christmas Is Dangerous!

Living in a country which gets hot at this time of the year has hazards when a Jolly Red Fatman flies around the world at superphotonic speeds.

The sparks from his passage can destroy Christmas Day for so many people.

Including the firefighters.

This was the view from my balcony before lunch-time this Christmas Day. (The snow is courtesy of Matt from WordPress.)


The Maylands Golf Course had been attacked by a stray angry spark from the hoonish driving of the escapee from the North Pole. Much slower aerial performers were dropping river water on the blaze.


I don’t think he was charged with speeding, let alone arson!

3 responses to “Father Christmas Is Dangerous!

  1. Herr AerChie

    The Red-BeSchMocked Gentlemen can only be charged if first he’s caught – presumably he’s now well beyond Vanuatu as he races the Sun round the Planet

    …… he’s just delivered his segakcaP here but it’s so DAMP that the Sparks have not caused fires anywhere

    and is racing on to the Americas

    Yr obedt servant etc

    G E

    Perhaps we should plan on netting him next year! Then we can not only book him for past crimes, we can also hold him for ransom!


  2. Merry Christmas.

    Same to you, my friend


  3. Love the snow!

    May I suggest sitting in a bucket of water, just in case Santa flies over your area on his way back, too?

    I’m not worried about Santa – I’m more concerned about his reindeer – and their droppings – – – 😉


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