One of my favourite blogs is Laketrees.

Authored by the talented portrait artist Kim, there is always some delightful surprise whenever I visit.

Just now, she is running a Christmas competition and the prize is a portrait of the winner.

So I entered.

With this Photo:-


For the story behind this image, you need to visit Laketrees. While there, post your vote for me in the comments section. The entry with the most votes wins.

See, I told you this post was about self-promotion.

7 responses to “Self-Promotion

  1. Tried to submit a comment to vote for your unusual photo, but unfortunately I don’t seem to be of appropriate standing in the Blogosphere, as it refused to accept my comment 😦

    ahhh – blogger comments strike again! Try again and use the anonnymouse option and include your name in the comment.


  2. oh archie you look adorable

    (did you read what happened to our santa at the gimcrack?)


  3. You got my vote Archie. Wearing a Santa suit is hard work at any time. Wearing a Santa suit at 40C (that’s 104F in the old heat) on a salt pan in a southern hemisphere summer – AND SURVIVING is an outstanding achievement.

    It was quite a trying evening – I think I lost several kilos! Oh – thanks for the vote – I only have two so far.


  4. You are the short one in front?

    ummm – yes?


  5. Not to be the Grinch, I also cast my pitiful vote.

    Oh, it was for your pic, too.

    Why thank you, kind Wizzard


  6. I just voted … hope I wasn’t too late.

    Not too late, but I missed out – Colin’s daughter deservedly won.


  7. Thanks for sharing

    My Pleasure


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