Book Review – “Westbound,Warbound”, Alexander Fullerton

I admit it. I’m a ship-lit freak.

CS Forrester’s Horatio Hornblower, Douglas Reeman’s Richard Bolithio, Brian Callison’s Trapp and John Wingate’s encyclopedic knowledge of the sea all have suffered from my addiction. Give me a book about war at sea and I have disappeared for a day.

I found Alexander Fullerton’s “Westbound, Warbound” on a remainder shelf and it sat on my TBR pile for about a month. Then it could no longer be resisted.

The coming of age of Andy, the young third mate of the Pollyanna in oceans filled with German raiders, up the east coast of South and North America and across the Atlantic to Glasgow.

The Pollyanna is not a warship. She is a ship in a war, carrying supplies to a needy home country.

There is plenty of derring-do and death and lucky survival but as with all good sea tales, the major player is the ocean herself. Giant North Atlantic seas testing the rivets of Britain’s pride.

Worth the read without being outstanding, Westbound, Warbound is a readable story by a competent author.

3 responses to “Book Review – “Westbound,Warbound”, Alexander Fullerton

  1. So of course, you have read The Good Shepherd by CSForester. Great book. Hornblower was my personal hero when I was a young girl. I’m not sure why I identified with him so completely, but I devoured every one of his books and for Christmas the year I was 14 my dad gave me the Hornblower Companion, which has all the maps of all his sea battles and cruises in it.

    I think I have read almost all of Forrester’s ouvre. I found him as a teenager and just continued reading him whenever I found him. Wingate is great as well.


  2. I, too, love Hornblower, though I only found him last year. I also devoured the whole of Patrick O’Brien’s Aubrey/Maturin series with huge delight. I will have to track down Bolithio and Trapp…

    Bolitho is almost conventional although a little more “soap-operay” than Hornblower. Trapp is another thing altogether – modern, Mediterranean, smuggler and lots of fun!


  3. Dear AerChie

    Have you read your MAHAN ?

    Do you know how to pronounce MAHAN !

    Yr obedt servt

    G E

    I have heard of him but have not read him. American, I believe. Not true seamen!


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