4 responses to “School

  1. Pretty colours! Actually, what I immediately thought of was the regimentation shown by the fish. Must be a Christian thing … regimentation. Do what you’re told and how you are told. It’s the “big picture” which is important, not the individual.

    It’s a joke, Joyce. Not a philosophical argument. And certainly not an argument against the bowing to authority which we humans need to do so that we may be convinced of an eternal soul which will be grilled for ever on the BBQ of Satan’s anger if we do not all believe exactly as we are told. Anyway, it is not supposed to lead unto sermons, it is but a sinful joke for which the cartoonist will be punished.


  2. a fisher of men, you say?…….

    Or perhaps a menner of fish – in a manner of speaking. Fish don’t eat men – do they?


  3. haha love it !!!
    it actually took quite me a moment to see the cross 🙂

    now you must repent and cease from signing with your art – and I must stop this outrageous punning!

    You hear that, you English K-niggets? Leave or I will taunt you again!

    Ummm – errr – sorry about that. I got carried away – probably by an African Swallow.


  4. … well, at least REAL Fish-Christians don’t go around Sabbath-Golfing and losing Golf-Balls with the automatically self-finding devices, intelligently-designed to switch off & have a Rest on the Sabbath ….

    I wonder if they taste better than heathen fish – – –


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