The Unlosable Golf Ball

I went out to play golf with my son and we were about to tee off, when I noticed that he only had one golf ball. “Don’t you have at least one other golf ball?” I asked. My son replied that no, he only needed the one.

“Are you sure?” I persisted. “What happens if you lose that ball?”

My son replied, “This is a very special golf ball. I won’t lose it so I don’t need another one.”

“Well,” I asked, “what happens if you miss your shot and the ball goes in the lake?”

“That’s okay,” he replied, “This special golf ball floats. I’ll be able to retrieve it.”

“Well what happens if you hit it into the trees and it gets lost among the bushes and shrubs?”

He replied, “That’s okay too. You see, this special golf ball has a homing beacon. I’ll be able to get it back – no problem.”

I was becoming a bit exasperated by now so I warned “Let’s say our game goes late, the sun goes down, and you hit your ball into a sand trap. What are you going to do then?”

“No problem.” said this annoying son, “This ball is florescent. I’ll be able to see it in the dark.”

Finally satisfied that he only needed the one golf ball, I asked, “Hey, where did you get a golf ball like that anyway?”

My son replied, “I found it.”

2 responses to “The Unlosable Golf Ball

  1. I love it. I also loved the Fridge magnets cartoon.

    I was lucky and found acouple of good ones 🙂


  2. Knowing our beloved sons, I can see this actually happening!

    When they see it, they will each claim it was the other 🙄


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