Grocery Packing

Last week, I was grocery shopping at our local supermarket. When I got to the checkout line, there was a beautiful young blonde woman right ahead of me.

As she placed her groceries on the checkout stand, the grocery bagger courteously asked the blonde woman, “Paper or plastic?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she replied. “I’m bi-sacksual.”

5 responses to “Grocery Packing

  1. ((groan))



  2. *throws tomato*

    *ducks* – *hits chin on counter* OUCH!!!!


  3. oh buff… how can you allow this….

    hehehehe – *scrabbling around on the floor looking for another one!*


  4. Nursemyra, I have been putting up with this for 41 years and have done my best to alter this appalling situation for the whole of that time! IF you can suggest another way of changing this poor creature from his dreadful punning, please … PUHLEEZE … tell me HOW and I will gratefully accept it and use it!!!!

    Yikes, I don’t think I would appreciate nursemyra’s methods – – – >


  5. psst! Don’t tell Archie but it seems that if you actually laugh at his jokes he thinks he’s done something wrong … could change be far off? Surely we can do something with this knowledge, you know, for the good of humanity and all that.


    Do I detect the merest hint of a prospiracy here? Or could it be conspiracy? Should I defend against a Jolly Roger?


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