I have been fascinated by bollards for some years now.

Ever since I since someone using my name had an extremely “R” rated encounter with a group of limericists a number of years ago.


2 responses to “Bollards

  1. Couple of decades ago I developed a computer system for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. The Brisbane office used to look after the rostering of pilots on ships. (They did six-week shifts and keeping track of leave entitlements was a major exercise.)

    When I presented the finished product, I jokingly called it BOLLARD – Brisbane Office Leave Log And Roster Designer. They liked it; the name stuck.

    A much more discreet use of the word than is made by disreputable people who write limericks 🙂


  2. I find its a good ice breaker at parties. When someone asks me “And what are you into?” I reply “Bollards!” It always raises a few eyebrows.


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