Wandering Herbivore




5 responses to “Wandering Herbivore

  1. Bloody thing … that’s MY plant it’s feasting on!

    It is just doing its bit for global warming – – -[darfc]


  2. Looks kinda Christmassy to me.

    Altogether now –

    “Greeny, the Christmas inch worm Had a very cheery leaf
    And if you saw him eat it, you would have to call him “Thief”!


  3. great colours – what’s the plant?

    Not at all sure – it has bright green leaves along with the bright red plants. I’ll post a small pic of the plant beneath the herbivore. Perhaps someone wiill be able to help us 🙂

    I have just been told it is a pointing setter, one of the canine plants


  4. ((groan)) Try poinsettia, people … much more botanically correct.

    But not as much fun 🙂


  5. Aha, told you it looked Christmassy. And that was before the second ‘give it away’ photo was added. 🙂

    I had not put the colors together with Christmas – Possible because I intend to celebrate Cthulhumas this year 🙂


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