Forty-one Years Ago, Today.

I posted this last year and I don’t think I can improve on it.

Here is a part of that post – NO SNIGGERS FROM THE SIDELINES!

12 responses to “Forty-one Years Ago, Today.

  1. Congratulations to you both! I hope my fiance’ and I have this wonderful a love and life together…

    Thank you, Eleanor. If I may give a hint to both of you – be lazy in your marriage – too lazy to actually walk out. Arguments pass, love does not.


  2. Would I be prying to ask whether you were “in the buff’ a few hours later?


    I’ll leave that up to the imagination – although, after 41 years, the memory is still – umm – affected by the only Sydney Rock Oyster I ever ate


  3. Congratulations Archie & Buff. I can tell that those smiles are still working.

    Thanks, Mate. Although those smiles are even wider than normal after Saturday.


  4. Hey, I remember this photo! Hope I get to see it for many November 26th’s to come.

    Congratulations to both of you. Any special plans for today?

    Thanks, az. No special plans, although we are spending the day together which is unusual enough to be special 🙂


  5. Happy anniversary to you both

    Thank you, Eldest Offspring.


  6. buff I love your long white gloves!

    do you still have them?

    big kiss to you both x

    Thanks for the big kiss, nursemyra.


  7. Myra, no … I don’t think so. It was 41 years ago after all 😉

    They were buttoned at the wrist so that you could unbutton them and slip them off your hands to eat and so on. Very “handy”, they were! LOL

    Thank you to the rest of you as well for your good wishes. It’s nice to have friends wish you well. And Eleanor … I agree with Archie. I remember the only time I actually stormed out and went home to Mum … she looked at me and sent me straight back again! After I’d walked on a gravel road without shoes for over a mile too! It wasn’t worth it. 😉


  8. Who is the geeky dude and how did he ever snare the cute babe, much less hold her for 41 years?
    Love, probably.
    Conga rats, you two^H^H^HOne.

    Thanks, Cybe. The conga is way in the past for this pair of rats 🙂


  9. my congratulations to you both…….
    wonderful photo 🙂
    haha …being too lazy to walk out ….good one !!!!

    Thanks, Kim. Hey, being lazy works! And even after the worst argument and the longest sulk, the making up is fun.


  10. Bit late on the scene, as always. But still, congratulations. Hope Mme and I last at least that long before she attempts to collect on my life insurance.

    The trick is not to have any life insurance – – –


  11. Thanks for tip- and Mom always said laziness would be the death of me… who knew it could lead to marital success 🙂

    You both seem wonderful. Congrats again.

    Sometimes being lazy can be hard work 🙂


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