This proud plant is beading up in horror. I am just about to cut its unopened flower.

I will then steam it for about 5 minutes and then crunch into its Vitamin C enriched goodness.

Home grown Broccoli for dinner tonight.


10 responses to “Vegetable

  1. Archie, you horny marauding viking, you.

    I, just a simple Saxon maiden, see through your home-grown vegetable metaphor and offer myself to you.

    Fear not for my parent’s feelings, just feast on me tonight, you hunk of about-to-be vitamin-c enriched, Aussie male.

    Betty Broccoli


  2. Sounds good to me!


  3. with a squeeze of lemon?


  4. I wish we were in the season of fresh garden vegetables! What remains of our tomato and bean plants look like a bundle of rotting rags. Sorry, I realise I’m following that first comment and, frankly, nothing could really follow that.


  5. Andrew, At least Betty did not demand that I respect her in the morning – – –

    Sharon, delicious.

    nursemyra, nope, a drizzle of the old extra-virgin olive oil and a twist of sea salt.

    Litlove, Our growing season is going along nicely. As for that first comment, I was certain Betty was old enough!


  6. Mmmmm, I love broccoli. It’s funny, I didn’t like it at all until I got pregnant and now I love it. It also helped that I learnt how to cook it properly. I had been boiling it into obliteration, true British style. No wonder it tasted horrible!


  7. Helen, my mother also boiled ALL vegies to a pulp. It almost turned me into a carnivore.


  8. When I moved to England I was told they traditionally put the brussels sprouts for Christmas dinner on to boil sometime in late November.

    Mmmm… that photo looks so fresh. Lovely green!


  9. az, do you mean there is another way of cooking sprouts? Although I have heard of Continental types who steam them for ten minutes and serve with cracked pepper and melted butter.


  10. Mmmmm. . .

    Nog says he hates sprouts but I think it’s just cos he’s only had them cooked the British way.



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