Election Thought of the Day

This is based on a reader’s comment I found while browsing through Kudelka’s wonderful “101 Uses for a John Howard.”

I was worried about the 70% of trade union folk “running government” when Labor are voted into office. Well, I mean, we already have, in our Coalition Government;

A failed priest running health.

A medical doctor running the defence portfolio.

A less than perfect banker running the environment.

A Foreign Minister who wears fishnet stockings.

And to top it off a surburban Solicitor as PM!

Is there something that I am missing in all of this??

12 responses to “Election Thought of the Day

  1. Malcolm Turnbull may be a less than perfect banker, but he’s a more than perfect w—ker.

    Incidentally, without meaning to spam, Archie, you may care to check my post:



  2. Andrew, not spamming at all. I thoroughly recommend your article to all my readers.


  3. This is Liz McLennan supporting every word of your article, Andrew, and also seething over the fact that the biased view of our society is so blatantly manipulated to “prove” that Unions are the bad guys in all this! How in Hell do people think we got the benefits they so enjoy like minimum wages and limited hours of work per day/week if it wasn’t for the Unions??? Adn how in Hell can’t they see how the manipulative sods who are currently running Work Choices are eroding these rights so hard fought for over many, many years???

    Watched a re-run of “4 Corners” last night and seethed even more at the dumb bunny attitude of some of the so-called Howard’s Battlers who were on it! Pathetic is one of the milder words I used at the TV screen! I can’t print the ones I used most!

    Try and bring up a synopsis of the program and see if your blood boils as much as mine did at the stupidity and cupidity of these middle-class Australians!!!


  4. Just as a matter of interest:

    Kevin Rudd: Before entering Federal Parliament, Kevin joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1981, working in the Australian Embassies in both Stockholm and Beijing. Upon returning to Australia, Kevin worked for the Department in a number of positions including the Policy Planning Bureau and was promoted to Assistant Secretary.

    Julia Gillard: Educated at Unley High School (SA) and the Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne, Julia Gillard worked as a solicitor with Slater & Gordon from 1987 to 1990, when she became a partner with the firm. In 1996, Gillard became Chief-of-Staff to John Brumby (then Leader of the Victorian Opposition) and retained her position until her election in 1998. Gillard has served as Shadow Minister for Population and Immigration (November 2001 to July 2003); Shadow Minister for Reconciliation and Indigenous Affairs (February 2003 to July 2003); Shadow Minister for Health (July 2003 to December 2006); and Manager of Opposition Business (December 2003 to December 2006).

    Wayne Swan: BA (Qld)., Lecturer, Queensland Institute of Technology 1976-77, 1981-82 and 1985-88. Policy analyst, Office of Youth Affairs 1978.

    Robert McClelland: 1980-82 Associate to the Hon. Justice Philip Evatt – Federal Court of Australia, 1982-88 Solicitor – Turner Freeman Solicitors, 1988-96 Partner – Turner Freeman Solicitors specialising in labour and sporting law.
    Tertiary Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts – University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Law – University of New South Wales, Master of Law – University of Sydney

    Nicola Roxon: BA, LLB (Hons) (Melb). Judge’s Associate, the Hon. Justice Mary Gaudron, High Court of Australia 1992-94. Industrial lawyer: Senior Associate, Maurice Blackburn and Co 1996-98.

    Lindsay Tanner: BA (Hons), LLB (Hons), MA (Melb)., Articled clerk and solicitor 1982-85.,Electorate assistant to Senator BC Cooney 1985-87.

    Peter Garrett: He was lead singer of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil from 1973 to their disbanding in 2002. He has served as President of the Australian Conservation Foundation, and was awarded the Order of Australia (Member General Division) for his contribution to environment and the music industry in 2003.

    Stephen Smith: LLB, BA (UWA), LLM (London)., Solicitor, lecturer and tutor 1978-83., Principal Private Secretary to the State Attorney-General, WA 1983-87. Adviser to the Treasurer, the Hon. PJ Keating 1991. Adviser to the Minister for Science and Technology, the Hon. RV Free 1991.Adviser to the Prime Minister, the Hon. P. Keating 1991-92.

    Need I go on??? Not many dumb bunnies among them, are there???!


  5. You missed:
    A PM well past his due by date?


  6. I didn’t miss him … I just didn’t want that nasty, sour taste in my mouth again! 😉 It seems to come back whenever I think of small, toadish men who have gigantically inflated ideas of their own worth. That goes for Peter Costello as well … nasty little man!


  7. By the way: I have to give right of reply the “The Others”…

    John Howard: LLB (Syd)., Solicitor.

    Peter Costello: BA, LLB (Monash)., Barrister. Tutor in Law, Economics and Politics faculties, Monash University.

    Mark Vaile: Jackeroo 1973-75., Farm machinery retailer 1975-78. Stock, Station and Real Estate agent and Auctioneer 1978-92. REAL ESTATE AGENT!!! WOW! Almost as good as a 2nd-hand car salesman!

    Alexander Downer: BA (Newcastle-on-Tyne). Australian Diplomatic Service 1976-82. Political Adviser to Rt Hon. JM Fraser, Prime Minister 1982-83. Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce (Canberra Secretariat) 1983-84.

    Brendan Nelson: BM BS (Flinders), MRACGP, FRACP (Hon), FAMA. General medical practitioner 1985-95. Director, Hobart and Launceston After Hours Medical Services 1987-91. State President, Australian Medical Association (Tas Branch) 1990-92. Federal Vice-President, Australian Medical Association 1991-93. (*** Doctor’s UNION???) Federal President, Australian Medical Association 1993-95. Medical columnist 1995-97.

    Philip Ruddock: Another Solicitor, although I can’t find his University!

    Helen Coonan: Another lawyer. Country born and bred, Coonan moved to Sydney to complete a combined Arts/Law degree at Sydney University. After graduating she started the first women-orientated legal firm in 1975. The firm later merged with a business law firm of which she became a partner. During a secondment to the United States in 1985, Coonan was admitted to practice as an Attorney in the Supreme Court of New York. The following year she returned to Sydney and specialised as a commercial barrister at the Sydney Bar. The Chief Justice appointed her as a Supreme Court Mediator in 1992.

    Kevin Andrews: Research solicitor, Law Institute of Victoria 1980-81. Co-ordinator, Continuing Legal Education, Law Institute of Victoria 1981-83.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm … pretty much the same … LOTS of lawyers!


  8. WOW! Carry on guys, I’m loving this 🙂


  9. Thanks for the plug, Buff.

    Personally, I’m hopelessly apolitical but, as I wrote at my blog, find the Liberal party’s advertising deeply insulting.

    My lady actually contacted the Labor party about an idea I had for an ad during the last few days of the campaign (she knows Whitlam, Hawke & Keating) which, with any luck, may grace our screens in a few days time.

    I’ll let you know if it does.



  10. Thank you, Andrew.

    Archie, stop living vicariously and join in with an opinion. And Andrew, I do hope the ad is of better calibre than that pathetic little ex-Labor creature who obviously doesn’t like Mr. Rudd very much. I wonder why? He says he’s know Rudd for 20 years … funny, I though Courtice was kicked out of the Labor party about 20 years ago! I wonder why he is now venting a considerable amount of spleen on Kevin Rudd? Could it be sour grapes? Could it be because he is still living in the dim and distant past, as is most of the Howard Front Bench? Could it be the Libs paid this mole to come forth with his rather pathetic comment?

    Could it be possible that the Liberals will lose this election to Labor and they are now resorting to character assassination to try and redress their abysmal record of the past 10 years or so? Amazing an obscure (very, VERY obscure) back-bencher in the 1st term of the Hawke Government can have such a vitriolic view of a man who is likely to win the Federal Election … maybe that is what he fears!


  11. Whups, sorry! SECOND term of the Hawke government! At least get the years right, Elizabeth! Still, he was obscure even then as the member for Hinkler, and when he started leaking secret Labor documents to the National Party he did put himself out of the “pale”, did he not? So when asked to remove himself he MAY have become a little bitter. Understandable, but contemptible regardless of the passage of time! Gutter politics rides again!


  12. Buff, my opinions should be clear enough from the subject of my posts. Every now and then I get a chance to see others expressing similar views. I am loving the vehemence in the responses here. 🙂


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