Hover Fly

I have been watching this little fellow for a few days now.

Then I heard a discussion about her on my ABC radio.

Blows in from the inland on the easterly winds, lays eggs near aphids (I have some on my parsley) and the larvae eat the aphids!

She is only about 4 mm long and posed a bit of a photographic challenge because of her speed.

hover fly

Here she is resting, or egg laying, on a tomato leaf.

hover fly

5 responses to “Hover Fly

  1. I love my insect predators! Go, hoverfly, go!

    Great picture, btw — I know how hard it is to get good pictures of moving objects.


  2. hmh, thanks for the kind thought. One problem with this one is that she was so fast moving, and at that range, she was in and out of the frame so fast. A one second rest on the leaf was almost too short for my aging reflexes 🙂


  3. Great capture, and a beautiful little critter. Aphids get a raw deal though, don’t they – if they’re not being sprayed by us or squeezed by ants for the sweet juices, they’re being eaten by the local ‘youth’…


  4. I live in Perth and see these in my garden. Thank you for telling me what they are. I blogged about ladybirds in my garden and mentioned a hover fly, but I thought it was some kind of wasp.


  5. Truce, thanks for the kind words about the photo. Aphids in the garden are like wildebeeste on the African savannah. Where there a lot of prey, there are a lot of predators. And I love lions and ladybirds 🙂

    Hiya Clare, thanks for dropping in on my blog, it is good to meet another Perth blogger. I thought they were a wasp as well. It seems they are a nice little fly that predates on aphids. A garden is not in good health without healthy predators.


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