101 Uses For A John Howard #90; Sanctions Resistant Wheat

If you have enjoyed these cartoons from Australia’s leading John Howard carictaturist, Jon Kudelka, the book of the series is now available.


As seen on the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday morning.


For just $20 plus postage.


I’ve got my name down for a copy.




We Australians love our wheat. Without wheat there would be no breakfast of champions, without wheat there would be no bread to wrap your sausage in at a barbecue, without wheat there would be no Australian Wheat Board.

The trouble with wheat is its vulnerability to various environmental factors. Australian Scientists have led the world on making wheat drought resistant, rust resistant, pest resistant and frost resistant, but their greatest recent breakthrough has been in creating a sanction resistant strain.

Created by splicing in a significant portion of John Howard’s genetic material, sanction resistant wheat is impervious to most forms of debilitating UN economic sanction, allowing a greatly increased yield of export dollars with minimal ethical input.

Sanction resistant wheat has also been found to be completely sound resistant when placed discreetly in the ears and the husks can be processed to create totally ink-resistant paper, which is perfect for certain parliamentary office memos. It also makes an extremely sturdy brown paper bag.

3 responses to “101 Uses For A John Howard #90; Sanctions Resistant Wheat

  1. Rotting wheat has interesting properties, too.


  2. very funny Archie….
    not long til voting day now…..I’m quite looking forward to it….love the “last days” pic in your sidebar 😀


  3. Laketrees, to finish in time, I have to post one of these a day now. I went a little lazy for a while. Even Jon went quiet about a month ago but he is nearly there as well. And the book promises to be a beauty.


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