Inner City Living

 Living in the city is enriching and invigorating.

Full of excitement and visual inspiration.

Entertaining, titillating and colourful.


Or am I just a cynical old tree-hugging greenie?

7 responses to “Inner City Living

  1. I hope you are…
    Concrete jungle is never for you!


  2. hmmm… every time I THINK I want tolive in a big city… all the cultural events, activity, access to theater, music, museums, zoos, and all the other perks that come with high population density, I remember living in LA… and all the dirt, violence, lack of green space, noise and intrusion. It’s always a little of this, a little of that. I think I’ve finally found a balance I could be happy with. Only the political environment here is unhappy.


  3. I can only take a little of the city at a time. There’s something about nature that is essential to breathing easily and feeling peace. Hug a tree for me, Archie.


  4. John, I am beginning to suffer from cityitis. I need to get out and do some bush-bashing.

    Dorid, balance is the important thing. I need some of the city based events but I also need nature and far horizons.

    Litlove, I shall find a special tree to hug for you.


  5. I think Sydney has the best of both, or as near as is possible. I live on the waterfront, right next to a lovely park full of trees. And I spent yesterday hiking 9km along the Spit to Manly walking route, surrounded by beautiful bushland (currently being regenerated by groups of local volunteers) and accompanied by birds, insects and reptiles.

    And then I came home by ferry and was able to stop in a late-night supermarket and buy some grub for my TV dinner 🙂


  6. Truce, I think I was trying to show the sterility of the concrete jungle which is at the centre of most CBD’s. Here in Perth we have great nature spaces as well. We have Kings Park, You have the Botanical Gardens. I know, roughly, the area you live in and I did spend some time there. (Just up from the Mosman Yacht (or is it “Sailing”) Club – possibly one or two bays over). A beautiful area.


  7. nursemyra, But what am I going to do with her?


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