Global Warming; Its Increasing Lava Flows

 The President of the Disgruntled States of America.

And the citizens have little to be gruntled about.

Bottom ruling the Kingdom and leading it into a Shakespearian tragedy.

I don’t know who the kid is, but he has already booked his ticket to Gaunatamo Bay!

7 responses to “Global Warming; Its Increasing Lava Flows

  1. hmmm, I can’t comment on your untitled post with the photos 😦

    What I was GOING to say there, I’ll say here:

    Great view! When I have to flee the fascist government arising in the US can I and my family move in with your family?


  2. nursemyra, yep, the bullfrog found a good one for me 🙂

    dorid, oops, I forgot to label my pigeon post. Alas this is a one bedroom apartment and it does get crowded when there are two people in it. However, there are wide open spaces in Australia for those wishing to escape the fascpublicans. Unfortunately we Aussies may have inflicted a fascist leader on ourselves. 😦


  3. One) Guantanamo Two) Too true to be funny Three) I’m in the middle of watching a dramatisation of a possible problem with lava flows … called “Supervolcano”, it postulates what would happen if the lava under Yellowstone National Park decided it didn’t want to be under there any more and came up to the suface … violently. Now, I love disaster movies … they fascinate me, but this one is scary!!! Imagine a “footprint” of volcanic ash and pyroplastic eruption right across the USA … and that is the basic part of the story. The details are even more scary! It has been cut into two one-hour segments … last Tuesday and next Tuesday at 11.00 am on our Aussie ABC Channel … I think this may be because it is too much even for disaster freaks like me to stomach in one go. Whatever, I have notes all over the place to remind me to watch the conclusion of it … I just want to see what FEMA will do about it, as so far they have denied it will even happen and if it does it will not cause too much of a problem, and besides, it will ruin the economy if we allow people to know about it beforehand!

    Makes me think of an old song I heard once .. “Pollution”, by Tom Lehrer. What good is an economy if you can’t drink the water or can’t breathe the air???!


  4. buff, oops, spelling and I do not fit in the same sentence. I have seen the Yellowstone drama. It is scary and perhaps it would be best to let nature take its course. Sometime in the next thousand years, the next 40 generations. By which time the North American continent could be uninhabitable after their contretemps with Iran and Pakistan and probably China. The USA as we know it certainly will no be in existence. The surviving North Americans will be Strangers in a Strange Land.


  5. I’m more worried about whether we’ll survive THIS generation intact.


  6. Dorid, If I was to say what I really think and put a decade and a half on the future of the USA as we know it, I would be considered alarmist and unrealistic.


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