Apparently, independent studies have discovered that the internet is an addictive agent which, they say, is just as powerful as drugs or alcohol.

However, researchers go on to say that the internet is actually much more dangerous than these addictive substances, since it is a terminal addiction.

9 responses to “Addiction

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  2. Oh, that was just /bad/!


  3. Cybe, I did nothing. I’m innocent. Truly.


  4. You’re just looking for someone to console you.
    I think you need monitoring.


  5. Cybe, I may have to start screening your comments


  6. Are you CRTn it would work?


  7. Found an interesting study recently conducted by a South American scientist from Argentina, after a lengthy study, he has discovered that people with insufficient sexual activity read their e-mail with their hand on the mouse.



  8. Cybe, A pun like that could be CRTns for you!

    Ann, oh most innocent one, we need to beware of those who allow their pussy to sit on their keyboard – – – They cannot see the screen.


  9. I thought the original Paranormal Activity movie was great. The second one wasn’t that great. It was more shocking than anything.


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