More Sex Please, We’re Men


The more they get out, the better, the study suggests


Some men should have sex every day to maximise the chances of getting their partner pregnant, researchers say.

It is known for couples with fertility problems to abstain from sex for several days to boost sperm numbers before trying to conceive.

However, the Sydney University team, addressing the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference, said this could mean poorer quality sperm.

One UK expert said daily sex might be better for men with damaged sperm.

Dr Allan Pacey, the secretary of the British Fertility Society, said that while not having sex allowed the numbers of sperm to build up, there was a “trade-off” between quality and quantity.


“There are men out there who think, or whose partners think, that limiting ejaculation will make them more fertile.

“I remember one couple in which the woman would only let the man ejaculate when she was in her fertile period, so the poor chap was going without for almost a month at a time.”

4 responses to “More Sex Please, We’re Men

  1. hey archie – have you read Sperm Wars by Robin Baker? it’s absolutely fascinating!!

    (this post reminded me of it)


  2. Not read that one yet – I must look for it


  3. it’s probably at your local library 🙂


  4. I must join – it is only a ten minute walk from here and I go past it when I go shopping. I keep looking at it but haven’t gone in yet.


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