Where are you going, Mum?

Here is one Australian Wood Duck which needs a lesson or two in family planning!


7 responses to “Where are you going, Mum?

  1. Very funny, but poor momma duck. Will they fly away soon? Nice cluster shot, though.


  2. Barbara, welcome to the archive. I think there are several months to go before they fly away. I took around 50 shots before I got this one 🙂


  3. az, they are rather sweet. I will say nothing at all about looking around for seventeen oranges – – – Or why – – –


  4. They are quite cute. Fortunately, ducks don’t really have a hard job in terms of mothering. The babies are born able to feed themselves, all she has to do is shepherd them in the right direction. Now if that had been a mama wren, I might have felt sorry for her.

    Also, I wonder if the wood ducks have anything like the same sort of habits that geese in flocks do. Our geese used to make a communal nest, everybody laid eggs in it and they took turns sitting. Mom used to go out and winnow the eggs down to 12 or so, otherwise the pile didn’t get properly incubated. One time we found a nest that had 38 eggs in it.


  5. What a great photograph – you aught to enter this in my photograph of the month competition. Sara from farmingfriends


  6. hmh, I admit to cheating a little on this one. There were two guardians herding these ducklings but I was able to catch them all together behind one. The composition was so good I used that shot. I also got some reasonably good ones of them in the water. This was taken at a lawn cemetery which has lakes and waterfalls and native bush all scattered through.

    farming friends, thank you I’ll go and have a look


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