Cephalopod Day

 Having just had my most successful day, hitwise, thanks to national cephalopod day, here is a warning to my mate, Metro, about the wet and extremely outré being he has recently hosted at a Canadian Beerfest.


Thanks, Cybe  🙂 

5 responses to “Cephalopod Day

  1. Oh–I thought that might have been the one about the circus being in town. Never mind, but thanks.


  2. Silly Archie! I’m not wet around Metro!


  3. Rain, [slaps forehead] of course not. I mistook you for a mastercowfish in the half light.


  4. Her comments say “no”, but her bulbous, watery, red eyes say “yes, yes!”


  5. Metro, I always trust the bulbous, watery, red eyes! Just before my soul is dragged screaming from my psyche!


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