Strange World #10; Unmentionables!

It is not often a totally irresistible story forces me to put everything “over the fold”.

This is such a story. Of 950 grams of gold and an unusual ambition.

So, having been forewarned, go over the fold.

If you are prepared for some mature – ish material!

For the story behind this, go to Ananova.

Then imagine the lines you could use to get this model out of her underwear.

No matter how much you were to wash this underwear with Huggies it would never soften.

Thanks to david for this one.

Why has the James Bond theme “Goldfinger” begun running through my mind?

4 responses to “Strange World #10; Unmentionables!

  1. Putting the “ass” in “class.”


  2. But does it set off airport metal detectors?


  3. nursemyra, all that glitters is not cold – – –

    Rain, hmmm, I think that is probably a bit cheeky – – –

    Mike, yep – she will have to remove them if she uses an Australian airport – – –


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