Vale, Mrs Moneypenny

Oops, it is Ms Moneypenny, isn’t it. My Bad!

Bond: What can I bring you from Amsterdam?

Moneypenny: A diamond… in a ring…

Bond: Would you settle for a tulip?

Moneypenny: Yes.

The actress who starred as Ms Moneypenny in a string of James Bond movies, Lois Maxwell, has died in a Western Australian hospital.

80 years old, Ms Maxwell was born in Canada and acted in a number of Hollywood movies before landing the role of Moneypenny.

She played the character in 14 James Bond movies before moving to Perth where she lived until her death.

A spokeswoman for Fremantle Hospital said Ms Maxwell died late on Saturday night.

6 responses to “Vale, Mrs Moneypenny

  1. hey I’d settle for a tulip today


  2. nursemyra, I’ll see what I can do


  3. See? Those Canadians are very well-connected. But we’re not all so eager to please.


  4. Rain, I always loved watching the interplay between Bond and Moneypenny.


  5. Surely she was MISS Moneypenny


  6. Herr G eaGle, you are quite correct – I noticed that mistake the morning after. It is proof I should not post later at night while sipping port.


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