Hey, it’s my blog!

I can indulge myself.

And here is an indulgence.

7 responses to “Flacco

  1. whatever happened to flacco? I sat next to him in a restaurant once (that has nothing to do with his dropping off the comedy circuit…)


  2. nursemyra, he is on Paul McDermott’s “Sideshow” on the ABC on Saturdays – along with Buff’s insanely blonde cousin! Coming soon to the archive – Paul McDermott and Flacco singing “The Rose”.


  3. What the hell is this. I just though I would do some blog browsing on my way back from Yosemite and this pops up.


  4. You’re too young to understand, dear. Just do your nappy up again and waddle off home.


  5. BTW, Claire will not be happy about being called insanely blonde … just insane would have done. And a mighty good job she does of it too …


  6. Buff, I’m afraid my choice of words is correct. Claire is not just insane. Her insanity is based on her blondeness. As for her plans for the car-denting cat – – – Words fail me! I must see if there is some youtube stuff from her. 🙂

    I’m so sorry, Peter. I thought I was pleasing everyone but I am aware that sometimes a clown can be a little frightening. Even if he is not wearing a blue and yellow suit, orange puffy buttons, with red, outstanding hair.


  7. Paul, there are some out here that really DO appreciate your work, and have done since way back in the Gig days. Much love n respect @->->–


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