Strange World# 7; One Million Stolen Screws

A German factory worker stole over a million screws from his employer and skewed the market with his cheap stolen goods, police said on Friday.”In the end, it became obvious that screws were being sold for much less than they usually cost,” said a spokesman for police in the southern city of Wuerzburg.

Over two years, the 33-year-old assembly plant worker smuggled between 2,000 and 7,000 screws out of work each night, and auctioned them on an Internet site, police said.

The scheme cost his firm around 110,000 euros (AUD$177,202).

The man confessed after officers raided his home.

3 Responses

  1. That’s harder work than working isn’t it?


  2. That’ll teach him to screw around in his own home!


  3. Daddy P, Certainly sounds like it.

    Buff, I thought that was the recommended place – – –


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