Photo Hunt # 77; Original

In June 2003 I bought my first digital camera.

A Pentax Optio 330GS.

With 3.2 mega pixals it was not state of the art at that time but was close.

This is the first image I recorded with that camera. My original Digital Image.


In the four years since,  says he checking the digital counters, I have taken nearly 20,000 images with this camera and over 10,000 with the SLR I now use most of the time.

21 Responses

  1. Awwww…. *snif*… mmmmm… smells good too! So pretty!


  2. Isnt that rose beautiful? I bet it smelled as sweet as can be! You are a fantastic photographer! My entry is up for Original, but may be disappointing after your work! lol Please come and visit


  3. Ooh, so pretty :)


  4. Beautiful rose and a great idea for the original theme.


  5. That’s a pretty flower. Taking photographs is such a rewarding activity.

    Thanks for visiting. Take care.


  6. This is such a clever idea… and a beautiful photo. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  7. Wow, that’s a lot of images you have taken over your digital career. This is a stunning image for your very first picture.


  8. roses are amazing…


  9. The original photo–I get it!! Clever idea! :)


  10. roses… nice entry..happy weekend!
    mine is up too.


  11. I like your original photo. Good take on the theme.


  12. What a gorgeous rose. Beautiful shot too. Have a great weekend.


  13. cool… I love rose shots. I remember when I was younger and my grandfather was photographing flowers (especially roses) I used to think “how boring, I’ll never do that!” but now I go out of my way to visit rose gardens with my camera!


  14. what a wonderful memory photo. Great shot!


  15. Beautiful photo! A gorgeous flower. :) Terrific original photo. :)

    My original photo.


  16. What a nice picture! Our first digital was a 1. something Kodak and the pictures were horrible! Boy, has photography come a ways since then!

    Lovely rose, and a wonderful idea for original!


  17. Mmmm… lovely.


  18. Oh–I had that camera. It was my first “real” digital camera and I loved it–until my kids dropped it and it died. Beautiful shot.


  19. What a load of crud! What is that, some local-to-Oz weed? Prolly stinks, too.

    (just trying to help to keep your head small enough for your hat)


  20. Cybe, you’re a treasure! Although I agree with most of the commentators ( it IS a beautiful shot!) I just love your reaction to all the syrup! LOL


  21. omnes, thank you again for your kind comments

    Cybe and Buff – ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ

    Heather, I still have mine but I now also have a digital SLR.


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