John Howard Aiding Burma’s Dictators?

Australia’s PM, the aging John Howard, has been warning the Australian electorate against voting into power a Rudd-led Labor Government which is “In thrall to the Trades Unions.”

The corollary is that by electing John Howard’s tired Liberals back in for another three years, Australia will have an honest and unfettered Government beholden only to Australia.

Not to any petty outside interests.

Australia’s Liberal Government is showing its independence of outside influence by following much of the rest of the world by apparently imposing sanctions on the vicious military rulers of Burma.

Prime Minister John Howard says Australia will further tighten visa restrictions on Burmese officials and consider imposing targeted financial sanctions. A spokesman for the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, said last night that the Australian sanctions were aimed at the regime. “They are not targeting Australian businesses.”

Harold “The threat of greenhouse warming is minor compared to the threat of greenhouse governance.” Clough, engineering multi-millionaire and Board Member of the politically conservative Institute of Public Affairs together with his sons Bill and John are the sole directors of McRae Investments Pty Ltd, which has put up funds for a joint venture with a Burmese military entity.

Twinza Oil is that joint venture, between McRae Investments and the Burmese military’s Ministry of Oil and Gas Enterprise. Alexander Downer’s claims that Australia has limited involvement in Burma is, yet again, a convenient “Tampa”-ering with the truth by the Liberals.

Just how accurately “aimed at the regime” are these “sanctions”?

It was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that Harold Clough said, “Up until now, Australia was one of the few countries that has not had sanctions (against Burma), and I believe sanctions are very counterproductive.”

Greens Senator, Kerry Nettle has said, “The Prime Minister should be concerned that such a strong backer of the Liberal Party is working with the Burmese military.”

Even if John Howard now bans further investment by Clough in this joint venture it will be too late for him to be able to claim that he has not been and is not being influenced by “Big Business”. Our choice in the soon-to-be-held election will be between a Rudd who is interested in the people of Australia and a Howard who is being manipulated like a string puppet by the greedy few who own the big companies in Australia.

Burma’s brutal Military is killing ordinary Burmese men, women and children in Rangoon using bullets which are being paid for by influential Liberal Party supporters!

7 responses to “John Howard Aiding Burma’s Dictators?

  1. Please, please, PLEASE publicise this on a wider basis, so that those who may be deluded into believing more of the lies of the Howard-led Coalition may be made aware of his duplicity AGAIN!!! Prior to the Election, this time!


  2. Buff, I have passed it on to some of the mainstream media, but I fear the whole thing will be buried. Politics sucks!


  3. And here I had only assumed the Howard Government was up to its scrawny neck in salivatingly opening those bursting pneumatic tubes of filthy lucre fired off by predatory businesses who have paid off the Burmese Junta, probably with our taxpayer funds. I will link to this posting on 4 October, designated as International Bloggers’ Day for Burma. The Free Burma website, inviting all bloggers and website admins to post a Free Burma graphic on that day is: Click on image.


  4. bilegrip, I may have to start using that sedition badge on some of my posts. I think people are too scared to comment on this – and the MSM is ducking for cover!


  5. Not scared, I fear, just apathetic. The human race is clearly not up to looking after its own well-being.


  6. Bilegrip, I think you are correct.


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