BBC Quiz of the Week

Ooops. a day late but here it is.

The BBC News Quiz of the Week

I got another 5/7 which was not snappy enough.

5 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. You got 4 right!
    Not snappy enough

    Ah well …


  2. And mine was three with the same comment! Maybe there’s some Freudian meaning to the fact I got the Dutch one right!


  3. az, [condecending voice] Not bad – – – –

    Buff, Freud wasn’t a Dutchman 🙂


  4. Yeah, four for me was also not snappy enough. Too bad. Ask me how my garden looks! I would have gotten six right, but there were two I guessed on and picked what I thought were the “logical” answers and my “intuitive” guesses were actually correct. That will teach me to be logical!


  5. hmh, logic sometimes is not as effective as reading the textbook 🙂


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