Another Falcon Webcam

Wed 26 Sept, 2007

THE third hatchling of the year for Frodocam stars, peregrine falcons Frodo and Frieda, hatched high above Brisbane this afternoon

The white, fluffy chick hatched about 2pm on the falcons’ penthouse ledge above the Brisbane River.

The previous hatchling arrived about 6am today.

Frodo and Frieda now begin the task of keeping food up to the ravenous chicks.

Watch Frodocam as the chicks grow – fast!

We should also be able to collect some (gory) video of the falcons feeding their young, mostly on feral pigeons hunted in their inner-city territory.

This will be the fourth clutch of chicks raised on webcam by this family. It could well be the eighth clutch raised in this nest by this pair.

5 responses to “Another Falcon Webcam

  1. We love webcams. We used to check on the Eaglecam that was set up on a nest of bald eagles somewhere in Oregon.

    One thing is for sure, raptors do not have “table manners” the way we hope we do. Eating is quite elemental in nature for them.


  2. hmh, it certainly is elemental 🙂


  3. That cosy little nest look darned hard and uncomfortable to me! All those rocks and stones! I’m awfully glad I’m not a falcon!


  4. I have a friend who has an appartment with a large balcony less than 500m from Frodo & Freda’s nest. She also has a pet white rabbit. Her husband is always warning her about what will happen if she leaves the rabbit unattended on the balcony.


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