Boratkini (PG)

The is sometimes a fine line between nudity and decency.

Borat was a classic example. Now that raincoaster, the squiddly, wet Cthulhuic one, has offended all right-thinking people by publishing the green-clad Kazakhstani on her blog I feel a little bit of equal opportunity is called for.

Seriously, be prepared for a pair of rudely awakened eyes when you go over the fold

I have a few quibbles about this image.
The costumes aren’t green! I’m not even sure that this is an intelligent design.

Not one of the models looks like a Kazakhstani!

And they are not bikinis!

They are Monokinis or one-piece bathing suits.

I do hope they shrink don’t shrink when they get wet!

4 responses to “Boratkini (PG)

  1. archie you’re an evil old man


  2. What a bunch of tanorexics. Now we know where Michael Jackson’s melanin went.


  3. nursemyra, have you just worked that out? 😉

    Rain, I broke several of my rules to post this one.

    These rules are made for breaking and one of these days I’ll break them all right over you!

    Hmmm – there are some lyrics in there somewhere – – –


  4. XY6fOu comment2 ,


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