Godwinning the Creationists

Stupid people who support an indefensible position sometimes go completely overboard. Not that I am saying that all those who believe in Creationism are stupid.

Many are simply mislead.

But those who do the misleading range from compulsive controllers to the completely out of controllers.

I thank Baby Jebus for bringing this out of controller to my attention.

A trailer for the movie “Darwin’s Deadly Legacy” which shows how Darwin and the Evolutionists created Hitler and caused the Columbine School shootings.

I hereby invoke Godwin’s Law on Creationists.

They lose!

9 responses to “Godwinning the Creationists

  1. Watch a Ken Hamm movie on creationism, like the one where he debated the international evolutionary counsel, in a blind debate, and completely won… Creationism is a beautiful belief and very scientific.


    tim kurek


  2. And completely inaccurate! Poor deluded fool!


  3. Tim, please stop debasing science by using it in relation to creationism. Creationism is a belief. Unsupported, fanciful and quite dangerous. G W Bush is a creationist and that has led to, amongst other atrocities, to the Iraq debacle! Science, on the other hand is based on experiment and replicability. In other words, reality! I see no reason to debate the patently wrong.

    Buff, forgive him, he knows not what he talks about.


  4. this movie made me sick this morning… this is just twisted.


  5. There’s a lot of truthiness* in what you say.

    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truthiness


  6. I ask in a spirit of scientific enquiry :

    How has Mr Bush’s Creationist views (if he has any) led (Anti=Podean for misled) him to the Iraq embroglio ?
    Yr obedt servt etc



  7. dorid, very twisted, indeed. Simply stating a position is enough to make it so! I got the feeling I, as an atheist, was being put in the position of an African-American back in the Pre-Birmingham days. That Evolutionists are the cause of all the problems in the world and that we are a lot less than human!

    Cybe, Indeed. After all, what else do you need to make a definitive statement? We are winning in Iraq, The world was created 10,000 years ago, Dubya is a great leader. If I believe hard enough everything I want to be true WILL be true!

    Herr G EagLe, If I may ask a similar question. How did Herr Schickelgruber’s Christian views mislead him into the Holocaust?


  8. Guten Tag, Herr AerChie

    Outrageous – I asssk ze Qvestions ~~~~ und you giff ze Answersss

    ssss ssss ssss

    but Yours is a Good Question – I do not know – perhaps Herr Hitler’s Christian views did not lead to the Jewish (and Russian and Gypsy etc etc) Slaughters, because Herr Hitler did not have any Christian views – presumably he would have gassed Jesus as a Jew, if he’d had the chance

    Yr obedt servt

    G Eagle


  9. Herr Adler:

    I tend to agree that Hitler’s Christianity was a claim of convenience.

    In this way it differs from Bush’s, I think. Bush is a convinced Christian. He truly believe that his sect is Chosen, and thus inherently superior to any other.

    He claims to have prayed to his particular god before igniting the conflagration in Iraq. I tell you this, if it’s truly a god who gave him his answers, then it’s a god I want nothing to do with.

    He panders to and travels alongside people who believe, for example, that environmental stewardship is defiance of god’s will that we humans should “exercise our dominion” by raping the planet.

    He is chummy with people who believe AIDS is a punishment.

    He follows people who believe that Israel must be established in the heart of the Middle East, because only after the Temple is rebuilt can Israel be wiped off the map in the searing run-up to Armageddon.

    Because he thinks himself directed and inspired by god, personally, no act he commits can be wrong. Not exploiting the poor, not torture, not mass murder.

    Unfortunately, some of us believe that he’s praying to the echoes in his own empty head.

    If I believed he had a soul, I would believe that it was destined to share a room with Saddam Hussein in the after life.

    As it is, I think he’ll come back as a humourous vegetable. Though perhaps the universe might grant him a cycle as a child in Bagdhad.


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