Photo Hunt #74; Music

Not being a great concert-goer, I do not have a lot of Human Music photos.

What I do have are a lot of photos of Nature’s own special musicians.

Australia has many Honey-eaters and most of them make fairly tuneless noises.

This one is the “Singing Honey-eater” and has a melodious five note song. Definitely musical.

Caught here in full song.


20 responses to “Photo Hunt #74; Music

  1. This one is a great entry:) Stunning photo as well! Thanks for checking out my music:)

    Happy Weekend!


  2. What a beautiful bird, wish I could hear him sing!

    You’re invited to come visit me at: Junk In My Trunk


  3. That’s a gorgeous photograph of the bird and I can
    almost hear it because it’s such an expressive shot.


  4. Lovely bird!
    I ALSO love bird songs!
    Good choice!


  5. Oh, nature offers the best sound of music I think. That is such a beautiful bird! Great photo! 🙂


  6. I have never heard that kind of bird sing. Bet it sounds good. I love listening to the birds in the morning. It also is a beautiful photo. Have a good weekend.


  7. I think nature’s musicians are the best. Great photo!


  8. What a beautiful photo. Have a great weekend


  9. That’s an awesome photograph!
    Happy weekend!


  10. That’s not only a clever take on the theme, it is very beautiful. Birds are not easy to photograph. Happy weekend!


  11. Lovely photo! 🙂 Nature’s musicians make beautiful music. I love watching birds!

    My Music Photo Hunt.


  12. What a shot! Perfect timing and great for the theme, I’m imagining the bird singing right now!


  13. What a wonderful shot!!!


  14. Beautiful photo and an original entry to boot! 🙂


  15. Beatiful photo and an original entry to boot! 🙂

    (Repost as the first time around, I put in the wrong e-mail address — sorry!)


  16. What a superb picture! Lovely choice for this week (or is it now last week? – sorry to take so long to be able to get round to commenting).

    Thanks for visiting mine 🙂


  17. Thank you everyone. Now I’m blushing at all the praise. The credit should go to tnchick for her great idea in creating the photo hunt.


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