Missing Person

After four unsuccessful years of war, thousands of casualties (well, alright, tens of thousands of casualties) and sending the USA almost bankrupt, the Bush Administration has finally decided to get serious about finding that Bin Laden Guy!


4 responses to “Missing Person

  1. I know where he is!!! He’s posing as Chas. Licciardello and was last seen in Macquarie St., Sydney!!! True! I saw it on TV, so it must be true!!!


  2. Buff, And he was damn lucky to avoid being shot!


  3. Don’t be such a wet blanket! I thought it was amusing … and it’s the fault of the police who let them get that far anyway! They originally intended to get to the first checkpoint and be “stopped” but they were waved through so there was a quick decision made to see how far they could actually go before they were stopped! They made it to about 10 metres away from Dubya’s hotel entrance and then got cold feet and turned back to Macquarie St, where they were pounced on by some very embarrassed security staff. And now the powers are yelling their heads off because they look foolish … one of them said today at the ABC that “… they were lucky it WAS the Chasers and NOT Al Quaida who travelled through the city which was supposed to be under lockdown”!!! I agree with them!


  4. Buff, I guess wet-blanketing goes with the extreme age – or else I wouldn’t be a curmudgeon. If you think deliberately putting yourself into the sights of a sniper is humourous, then fine! I don’t.


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