Vale, Luciano Pavarotti

Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti, hailed by many as the greatest tenor of his generation, has died after a battle with cancer.

Best known to the masses of non-opera buffs as one of the “Three Tenors”, Luciano Pavarotti began his career in 1963.

Another career highlight was in 1972, when he famously hit nine high C notes in a row in “Daughter of the Regiment” at New York’s Metropolitan Opera.

He later referred to the Metropolitan Opera as “my home”.

7 responses to “Vale, Luciano Pavarotti

  1. Ahhhh … the big man has passed over. I’m sorry to hear that, although he must now be at peace. Pancreatic cancer is a very uncomfortable … no, no … it’s a downright bloody painful … disease! He was always my favourite of the three, although I have a dear friend who would disagree with me on that … she had a passion for one of the others and it wasn’t Jose!


  2. just woken to this news. Sad.


  3. Sad that he has gone, but what a life!


  4. Just glad I’m not one of his closest friends. Imagine the agony of loss. Not to mention of being one of the pallbearers.


  5. Buff, it comes to us all, even the best.

    Pesk, sad, but at least his performances will live on to delight us.

    Truce, to have touched so many people with his gift is his legacy.

    Metro, ever practical – and honest! He had put on even more weight in his final decade.


  6. He lived large, had a huge talent, a miraculous voice. Thank goodness for audio technology. He will be missed.


  7. hmh, He always left me feeling good about the world. Yes, he will be missed.


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