The Truth (a meme)

Given that;

A) Wilco, the band, is on a par with Trent and his NIN’s and so quite inconsequential

B) Men and Women may be equal but they are certainly different

C) Gin IS better than Whisky

D) The unmentioned Gravity does, indeed suck!

E) Cricket is more enjoyable than Baseball.

I believe this to be the TRUTH.

Found through, and with thanks to, dorid

4 responses to “The Truth (a meme)

  1. WILCO=NIN????? WILCO???? Cricket better than baseball???? Wow, you sure start on the booze early in the Antipodes.


  2. Rain, perhaps we do, but at least, here at the archive, we start on Gin!


  3. Wilco has been an up and coming band for a long time now, NIN has been on the downlside, I think Wilco passed them on the way up two years ago at least.


  4. edtajchman, I accept your comments about NIN and Wilco, both of whom may have reached modest heights but nothing compared with the stratospheric Iron Maiden! Steve Harris Rules!


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